I know many people are travel blogging and even more dreaming about running a travel blog. But the hardest thing is to stand out. Why should people visit your travel blog among others? Here are 10 tricks to grow fast.

1. Content is everything. It’s true you can push a few very good videos, images or articles for some time, but you have to stay on top and regularly make new content. Otherwise, your visitors won’t come back again.

2. Don’t follow the stream. Nowadays you have to stand out. It’s not enough to visit the same beach as all the 99% other do. If you really want to go to very mainstream places, try to show the other views of them. For example. Writing about the Eifel Tower, mention something special about a narrow street 200 meters away and why to go there in connection with your visit to the Eifel Tower.

3. Use your own language. Offer more than just pattering images and facts. Give readers your own opinion too. If they are just interested in reading facts, they go to Wikipedia. Offer more fun and special facts. One exception when facts in important, is when writing about more rare places. If Wikipedia doesn’t cover this topic very well, you will also get visitors hungry for facts.

4. Get interested in how to create content for the web in a simple way. It will give you possibilities to keep your visitors longer. For example, you can match content to your visitor’s interest and attract them to read further. Your goal should be that one visitor is equivalent to at least 1,5-2 page views.

5. Be personal. Show your readers you a person. Be kind. Answer e-mails and comments pretty fast. It will show you care about your readers.

6. Be in several places. Even if you have a really good web page, you also need to be visible on for example Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Share what you recently have written, do simple movies about things in your articles. It will also give you some traffic and it’s good not to only rely on search engines.

7. Define your reasons for travel blogging. What is your goal? What do you want to show? Which kind of visitors do you want to attract? Keep a clear alignment. 

8. Use your own content. Write your own articles, use your own images. If necessary, only use stock images for illustrations. Your page should be exclusive.

9. Monetize your page. Of course, you love your hobby, but it will feel even better if your blogging covers your expenses. Sign up for Adsense and other affiliate programs, when you think your site is good enough. And remember, when you grow, you may have to pay a lot more for premium hosting and other services.

10. Make contacts. Talk with and write about tour operators, guides and so on. Get their best tips and do personal portraits for their business.

Good luck with your travel blogging. It’s a pleasure if you want to show your work in a comment with a link below.

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