Tenerife is a fantastic island among the Canary Islands, with infinitely more to do. Here some really good tips on activities to suit everyone.

A day in the big city

Visit the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife and get some big city feel. Santa Cruz is one of the two capitals of the Canary Islands and has approximately 220 000 inhabitants. Here are several shopping centers with good shopping if you get tired of the beach. Buses go here from all the resorts in Tenerife.

Travel to the Teide

Mount Teide is 3,718 meters high and the world’s third largest volcano. Up here is below freezing degrees and the landscape resembles a moonscape. Day trips to the Teide are arranged from most tourist destinations in Tenerife.

Go to Tenerife’s west side

On Tenerife’s west side are things more slow-going. The landscape is more rugged and the weather more changing. The west side is not as devoted to tourism as the eastern, and the many picturesque villages can be found. The beaches here are characterized by the black lava sand.

Go on a submarine safari

Dive 30 meters deep and see what lies beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. On the submarine sit well with large windows. Divers outside attract different fishes with food, so you get to see them up close.

Visit Puerto de la Cruz

The old fishing village that later became a city still retains its charm, despite the fact that more tourists choose to stay here. The climate is variable and often humid. This contributes to a huge greenery and vegetation. Puerto de la Cruz is Tenerife’s second largest city and has 30,000 inhabitants.