Outside the Swedish city of Norrköping is the abandoned power plant Marviken, which would be the lead star in Swedish nuclear technology. If everything had gone as planned, this would be an ultramodern nuclear power plant that could contribute to the components of a Swedish atomic bomb.

When building Marviken in the 1960s, the idea was that Sweden would be independent of uranium imports according to the so-called nuclear energy investigation from 1955. Marviken would be powered by uranium from Sweden and produce up to 140,000 kilowatts.marviken-nuclear-power-plant-sweden-2

If you ignore the heavy water from Norway, the dominant part of the material for the nuclear power plant was produced within the country. Construction workers with expertise came from 10-15 different countries.

300 employees of something that never started

During the 1960s nuclear energy was seen as the energy source of the future and the optimism was high. At most 300 people worked at the facility Marviken, which cost 500 million SEK in the monetary value of the past. It was built by the company Vattenfall. The building comprises a total of 550 rooms with different uses.

To develop a Swedish nuclear weapon

In addition to producing electricity, Marviken would also contribute to the short-term Swedish nuclear weapons program. In the plant, plutonium should be enriched. This project stopped for Marviken’s part on the paper, as the plant was never put into operation. Read on!


Once upon a time the main entrance and guard cage.

A nuclear power plant without nuclear power

The uranium to the reactor was actually in place at the plant. In 1968, however, it was decided that it was no longer necessary to operate as a nuclear power plant. Here there was now a ready-made nuclear power plant with up to two meters of thick walls. 150 fuel rods were waiting to be filled with uranium.

Converted to oil power plant

The almost completed nuclear power plant was placed on hold already in 1968 in connection with the international “non-proliferation agreement” signed by Sweden.

Marviken was converted to an oil power plant that would be started in case of a heavy load on the power grid.marviken-nuclear-power-plant-sweden-4

Meanwhile, the premises were used for training of nuclear personnel. You could simulate a meltdown completely risk-free in an authentic setting.

After only 6500 hours of operation, Vattenfall decided in 2009 that the power plant would be shut down. In 2012, it was released for sale, but it went extremely slow. Much of the objects inside, however, were sold as metal scrap.


The dead end of Marviken has been reached.

Since then everything has been standing. The buildings are full of asbestos and sanitation and demolition would cost huge sums. The actual reactor tower extends 30 meters into the ground and in order to be able to dismantle the plant, there is a need for renovation of the lifts for about 500,000 SEK.

Recently, it was also refused to build a wind farm in Bråviken outside the old power plant.