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A Visit To Scandlines Border Shop In Rostock In Pictures

Planning your first trip?

Here follows a visit to Scandlines Border Shop in Rostock with some pictures to prepare your first visit. Enjoy!

Probably is this the border shop that most Swedes pass and stop it. When driving off the ferry, it is impossible to miss it, and besides, you have to pass it. Scandlines Border Shop will be on your left.

In the distance, an advertising column shows up. Store premises are bright and fresh because the house was built in 2011. Next door there is a gas station, but don’t fuel your car here. Drive a few kilometers further to avoid “tourist prices”.

The sign for the rest stop, petrol station, and Border Shop.
The entrance to the store. In the shop are signs in German and Danish. All prices are displayed and Euros and the Danish krone.
The first thing you should do is to fill out a clarification on export to another country for your goods. This saves you the deposit. These forms are located right at the entrance of a large box. Some decide to wait until they get to the checkout, and this creates unnecessary queues. A pen can be good to have on hand when we could see only two available pens. This could now be changed to electronic clarification – at least in Puttgarden.
View towards the entrance, and shopping carts. Shopping carts require a 1 Euro coin.
Those who pre-ordered goods easily retrieve them in the gate, “Pre-order”.

Read more about different shops in Rostock here.

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