Of course, Cluj-Napoca has its own war cemetery. Let’s make a visit to the final rest for soldiers from both world war one and two in this Romanian city.

cluj-napoca-war-cemetary-2Hajongard, or Házsongárd (in Hungarian) probably means somewhat like “rabbit garden” from the German word “Hasengarten”. Hajongard is the oldest cemetery in Cluj-Napoca and has its own military section.

The military part of the cemetery is located in the southern end and is decorated by a Soviet T-34 tank.cluj-napoca-war-cemetary-4

The military section is divided into three parts; Dead Romanian Soldiers from the first world war, second world war and Soviet war graves with mostly fallen Russian soldiers.cluj-napoca-war-cemetary-5

Most of the Romanian graves from WW2 is from the Soviet liberation of the city. Also, the other graves with the Russians are from the fierce fighting during the liberation in 1944. To the number, they are 357.