In present Poland is an abandoned castle. Finckenstein palace was until 1945 a flourishing baroque castle. Today, only the ruins are left.

Once again, we are on a historic ground. This was once West Prussia and belonged to Germany. Several large estates, castles and manor houses had been built up, thanks to fertile farmland.


After…and before…

Schloss Finckenstein (Westen)

This castle was built by a Prussian field marshal in 1716 and came shortly to the family Fink Von Finckenstein. The family was one of the oldest noble Prussian families.

For many years, several noble personalities lived here. The picture above shows the castle a short time before 1945.palace-finckenstein-3

The place became world famous in 1807 when Napoleon became a resident at the castle. When Napoleon first saw the castle, he was heard to say; “Finally, a castle!”.

Finckenstein maintained its splendor and in 1937 visited Greta Garbo the castle when the Hollywood movie “Conquest” was recorded. Greta Garbo had one of the lead roles.palace-finckenstein-5

The last family in the castle became Dohna-Schlobitten. However, in early 1945, they left the huge estate together with all workers and servants. Red Army approached in high speed, and for them were wealthy families shown no mercy.palace-finckenstein-4

On 22 January 1945, the Red Army put fire to the castle. Today, some 70 years later, there are only ruins left in which you can discern the castle’s former splendor.