This may be the newest castle in Europe, located in Poland. The castle Lapalice, which today is an abandoned castle, started according to data to be built in the 1980s.

abandoned-castle-poland-2The idea of constructing a castle with a magnificent garden at this spot was already in the planning stage for 90 years ago.abandoned-castle-poland-3

This is the castle that never was completed.abandoned-castle-poland-4

In northern Poland is the landscape fertile with a hilly terrain. Small lakes interrupt here and there the endless plains and farmlands.abandoned-castle-poland-5

A businessman with too much money wanted a castle with 12 towers. He began the lengthy construction of the castle.abandoned-castle-poland-6

In his imagination were a castle with lots of statues and richly decorated with wooden decorations.abandoned-castle-poland-7

The problems, however, began as soon as the castle had taken shape.abandoned-castle-poland-8

It turned out that the businessman only had a building permit for a guest house and not a grand castle.abandoned-castle-poland-9

Now began the lengthy lawsuits, while construction still progressed.abandoned-castle-poland-10

2013, the court decides that construction must be stopped completely, and possibly even demolished.abandoned-castle-poland-11

Since then, it is Europe’s newest abandoned castle.abandoned-castle-poland-12

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