Abandoned factories are always exciting. Today, we look closer to an abandoned cellulose factory in Poland, which once had its great time. However, it never survived the conversion to the capitalist system.


What is cellulose?

Cellulose is the most common organic substance in nature. Cellulose for technical use is made from wood pulp. Of the cellulose, plastic, glue, paint, and explosives can be made.poland-abandoned-cellulose-factory-3

The factory starts

In the present Polish Silesia, a paper and cellulose factory was built in 1911. Raw materials came from the nearby forest-rich mountains of Kaczawskich and Karkonoszy. The production of cellulose was 50 tons per day.poland-abandoned-cellulose-factory-4

The days of glory

The factory expanded and locally produced timber was no longer available. Instead, they imported timber from, among others, Sweden through the port in Stettin. The logs were floated via the Oder River to the Malczyce factory.poland-abandoned-cellulose-factory-5

Poland has very much forest, but the Swedish forest was actually cheaper after the First World War. The price is controlled by demand, and in Poland, there was an urgent need for timber to rebuild the country after the war. Imported timber accounted for 60% of the raw material utilization at the plant.poland-abandoned-cellulose-factory-6

Continued expansion

A byproduct of cellulosic production is methyl alcohol, which made it possible to produce 5000-6000 liters per day here. The production of cellulose reached 500 tons and 1939 and the coming year they reached its peak with 760 employees.poland-abandoned-cellulose-factory-7


On February 8, the Red Army received control over Malczyce village where the factory was located. Among the houses around were the most ruins, but the work continued on a smaller scale. In 1950 300 people worked here. Production continued until the Soviet Union collapsed, as did the factory. The owners never managed to change the operation from plan economy to market economy. Since then, these huge buildings are empty.poland-abandoned-cellulose-factory-8

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