One of Romania’s most important factories was on the outskirts of Bucharest. The confidentiality was high because this factory manufactured gunpowder and other chemicals for the military. Today, only abandoned buildings are left from the former chemical factory.

Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-2As weapons development went ahead emerged the need of new modular charges. To make these necessary chemicals founded the General Eremia Grigorescu a chemical factory at this location on 1 May 1896.

The company that owned the factory was named Dudeşti and became Romania’s largest provider of special chemicals.Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-3

It was not safe to work at the chemical plant. Already in 1904 occurred the first explosion and several people were killed.

In 1923 was another explosion. Also at this time, several workers were killed.Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-4

Around 1979 was the latest accident, but because of the secrecy of the Eastern bloc, it is difficult to get any figures on the number of fatalities.Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-5

Dudeşti, which now had changed its name to Chimopar continued to have thousands of employees. They delivered large quantities of gunpowder to the Soviet Union.Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-6

When the Soviet Union fell the demand for gunpowder reduced radical and Chimopar fared just through the 1990s.Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-7

1999 the Romanian state determined that the factory should be privatized. It had still around 900 employees. They began to specialize more in chemical research and in 2011 there were only 65 people left.Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-8

In 2012 the company was redesigned and any more gunpowder will never be made here.Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-9