The abandoned Church of the Ascension in Samro is our next stop on the trip to forgotten churches in Leningrad Oblast. This is an impressive piece of building, that must be studied closer.

Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-2Once again it’s villages in the countryside with a decreasing population that have those sad, once very beautiful, but now abandoned churches.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-3

This is in the village of Samro, formerly called Piesie, and as we now know since part one of abandoned churches, there were several religious orthodox buildings of wooden nearby this church that was burned down. Church of the Resurrection (церковь Воскресения Господня), needed to be built of stone to prevent more fires. The church is majestic and I feel a true sadness about the condition of today.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-5

I arrived here in the early afternoon on a weekday. I only met a babushka in this otherwise deserted village.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-6

This church started to be built in the year 1901 and designed by the architect S.I Andree in a classicism manner and is the third religious temple of the same style in the area.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-7

In 1909, the inauguration took place. Regular church services were held until the 2nd of October, 1937, when the Soviet regime had enough of religious activities. Father Filimon, who was in charge of the church was arrested and later shot. He was accused of “anti-Soviet propaganda”. The church was at the same time closed and was used as a place for gathering among the villagers.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-8

During World War 2, and the occupation of the Axis Powers, the church was re-opened again.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-9

Soviet recapture the area again in 1944 and the chapter of religion in this building had come to an end. The Church of the Resurrection in Samro was transferred in the ownership of collective agriculture. The peasants used the church as a warehouse for bags of pesticides. Those bags remained here until the early 2000s.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-11

Now the building is in terrible shape. But, that doesn’t scare the last villagers away. I see traces that worshiping still takes place here.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-12

The church is still very beautiful, especially from the inside. I looked for a long time at the ceiling with a painting of four evangelists.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-13

Holy water is placed at the altar. And also orthodox icons. A small sign says they started with some restoration of the temple in 2015, but I can’t see much of it. Humidity and age will probably kill it forever in a few decades.Church-of-the-Ascension-samro-14