A mighty old abandoned paper mill, with its own power plant. Today it’s completely deserted. In the Swedish region of Blekinge, was until 1999 a historic mill in the small town Fridafors. See the gallery of pictures from the mighty construction.

abandoned-paper-mill-2The story of Fridafors begins back in 1886 when Gustav Gråberg bought the land for 1800 Swedish crowns.abandoned-paper-mill-3

In 1892 Fridafors factory AB was formed, which later would become the paper mill. It started in 1894 with the manufacture of abrasive mass and later expand and electrify the machinery in 1907.abandoned-paper-mill-8

6 years later they had the first machine for paper pulp.abandoned-paper-mill-4

During the 1950s, Fridafors booming. The mill had about 525 employees and everything was hunky-dory. In the late 1960s, a new production record was set with 142 tons of pulp in 24 hours. This was celebrated with coffee and tea in Fridafors people’s house.abandoned-paper-mill-5

Now begins the 70th century’s decline of the Swedish industry. After an investment of 2 million Swedish crowns in a new treatment plant, this decade resulted in substantial losses.abandoned-paper-mill-6

Profitability varied until 1999 when the mill was closed and the remaining employees lost their jobs. A company bought the properties for SEK 1. For some reason, a fire breaks out in November the same year. The fire destroys two paper machines that are insured to 16 million.abandoned-paper-mill-7

Any business on a large scale does not happen in Fridafors more. The business changes owner several times until 2007. Since then, the area is completely abandoned and left to decay.abandoned-paper-mill-9

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