So far to the east of the European Union, you can get, is in many ways an abandoned summer resort. Here had the communist officials the time of their life, but now the beach is empty. This is Narva Jöessu in East Estonia.


I think this is the old city hall.

Despite one of the best sandy beaches in Estonia, it is rarely crowded on the beach. The houses in this city are in great need of renovation and some houses have well-off Russians started to fix. Only 13% of residents are Estonians.


The month of July but no crowds.

The name, Narva Jöessu, means “mouth of the Narva River.” During the German occupation, the city was called “Hungerburg”.


Abandoned conference facilities are close to each other.

Until the Soviet collapse, this was a popular tourist destination. Plenty of the visitors were loyal party members in the USSR and they were sent here for recreation. Most came from Leningrad (St. Petersburg) which is located less than 150 kilometers away.


Plenty of modern Soviet architecture.

When Estonia’s independence was won, the Estonian economy was hard-pressed and a holiday was something that few could afford. Most hotels and hostels had to turn back.


Overgrown entrances to the beach villas.

Today it looks brighter for Narva-Jöessu, but it is still far from the 80’s heyday.abandoned-resort-estonia-7

Until then, we admire the ruins of the abandoned Soviet summer resort.