In the forest of North Sweden’s coastal area is an abandoned sawmill. The sawdust is gone and no one longer works here. But they left something really cool! See the pictures.

abandoned-sawmill-2Sawmills of this kind were very common on the coast of northern Sweden during the 1800s industrialization. The timber they sawed at this place came from the inner forests in Sweden.abandoned-sawmill-4

A large amount of timber was floated in streams and rivers to the coast. At the coast were also many factories that had a great demand for timber to produce pulp.abandoned-sawmill-3
The sawmill, which later appears to have been some kind of mechanical workshop, has been left adrift. Probably a lot of toxins in the soil. The pictures show that there appears to have been a narrow gauge railway connection through here, and therefore probably the place had any relevance to the industry.abandoned-sawmill-5

Abandoned Collector’s Item Found: AMC Pacer

AMC Pacer is considered as one of 1970’s ugliest cars. Despite this, the model was innovative when it was introduced. Today it is popular for collectors. Travel Blog Europe ran into this AMC Pacer in the exploration of the abandoned workshop.abandoned-sawmill-amc-pacer-1

AMC Pacer received great attention at its launch in 1975. It was a functional small car with some good engine performance. The year after the launch, AMC sold nearly 120,000 new Pacer.

After a record year of sales began the model to decline. AMC launched a hatchback model and various accessories package. The engine was a V6 that used around a liter of petrol every 10 kilometers. That didn’t stop Pizza Hut in the United States to use the Pacer as a delivery car.abandoned-sawmill-amc-pacer-2

If the Pacer was designed in a different way, it had probably been forgotten. 37% of the body of an AMC Pacer consisted of glass. This has given a variety of nicknames, such as a mobile hamster, Moon Buggy, and egg on wheels.


Owners manual in relatively good condition.


Car inspections protocol from 1987.

One detail that enhances the car’s ugliness is that the passenger door is noticeably longer than the driver’s door. It is to make it easier to reach the back seat.

Pacer was only manufactured for five years. Maybe it’s lucky. A search on its name results in various top lists of world’s ugliest cars …

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