About Sources

Sometimes readers send a message and wonder about source references to different articles. It’s okay and good to have attentive readers.

TravelBlogEurope.com always tries to keep an objective appearance, but deliberately thin with sources. This is because most of the material is self-perceived, making it difficult to prove certain statements. Information in articles and reports may also come from people who met on site, conclusions during the visit and in some cases, less verified data from the Internet.

To clarify this, I often try to express information mentioned with, for example, “allegedly” or “it is said” because nothing should be written in stone.

Clean fact articles usually have a reference about who have produced the facts.

Please check the date of publication. TravelBlogEurope.com will soon become a few years and much may have changed since the article was written.

Sometimes you become “home blind”. I will be happy to hear if you find something that is perceived to be incorrect.