We have heard about beer from Belgium brewed in a monastery before. Leffe, a famous beer, is certainly brewed in France but originates from Belgian monks. How is with Affligem?

Affligem is a municipality in Belgium, but more famous is, of course, the beer. It’s a light beer (in this article Affligem blond) and as always, the Belgian beer is strong. Affligem has a volume percentage of 9.5.

While other beers of Belgian descent are usually darker, Affligem is light and easy to drink. The secret of its light-headed character is that the fermentation takes place twice. By this means that the beer is allowed to be fermented once in a bottle in addition to the fermentation in the beer barrel.

A double fermentation in this way gives finer bubbles and more flavor. According to the beer connoisseur, tropical elements of mainly banana.

Affligem beer is regarded as premium beer and besides the blond, there are the “Double” and “Tripple”

In Belgium, Affligem is the oldest monastery beer still available and is dated to 1074. Its popularity increased in the Middle Ages.

This beer is best to drink at the time of purchase and does not get better by standing and aging in a dark basement. The best date of the bottle is usually 24 months after the date of production.

At the end of World War II, the monastery closed the brewery, but in 1956 a brewer was served the secret recipe, which allowed the production to resume.

The fermentation in the bottle is what distinguishes Affligem. Just take it easy, this beer should be drunk slowly despite its cool character.

Affligem brewed by brewery Affligem.

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