Aircraft spotting is a hobby that lives somewhat overshadowed. Any official competitions are not advertised, and primarily it’s the practitioner’s own interest to photograph different kinds of aircrafts.

Aircraft-Spotting-Arlanda-Airport-2Aircraft spotters mainly prioritize a good camera with a telephoto lens. It is important to get good images of planes taking off and landing. In addition, the plane’s number in the aircraft register should be clearly visible on the image.


Crowded on the runway.

Some practitioners also logging the movements at the airport.


The viewpoint at Arlanda. joined with the enthusiast Andreas during a shift of aircraft spotting at Arlanda airport, Sweden.Aircraft-Spotting-Arlanda-Airport-5

According to Andreas, the conditions of the day was perfect because it was ILS calibration on runway 01 (01L / 19R). That means that both takeoff and landing took place on runway 03 (01R / 19L). ILS is a tool that helps pilots during approach and landing.


For a total experience many of the aircraft enthusiasts staying at the Clarion Hotel, which overlooks the runways.

The weather for the day was clear and sunny. To orient themselves for aircraft departures and landings aircraft spotters recommend two apps. “LiveATC” is used to hear the communication between the control tower and the aircraft and “Flightradar24” to observe the aircrafts during approach.


The Swedish government plane.

The highlight of the day was when the Swedish government plane appeared to then take off from runway 03.Aircraft-Spotting-Arlanda-Airport-8