The Swedish Alcohol law differs from many other European countries. It is generally more controlling and has more rules. This is a briefing about laws related to alcohol in Sweden.

The Alcohol Act treats everything that is relating to import, manufacture, and marketing of alcoholic beverages. With spirits meant by law a drink containing alcohol in a concentration of more than 2.25 percent by volume, that is, the cider you can buy in a regular supermarket.

Spirits production means producing something that has an alcohol content of 2.25% or more. Alcoholic beverages are divided into spirits, wine, strong beer, and beer.

The law stipulates that the vast majority of Sweden already know, namely that alcohol alone may be disclosed or sold to the minimum age of 20. When it comes to serving alcohol must the person be over 18 years.

The above is also used when it comes to gifts. For example, do not hand over your newly purchased German beer to anyone under the age of 20. But on the other hand, if you invite people under 20 years to have a drink and it is done “on the spot”, then it’s legal.

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