Most Swedes travel to Germany by ferry via Vogelfluglinie. Puttgarden in itself is a small village with 200 inhabitants. Each day thirsty Scandinavians invading the village by ferries. Here is a summary of shopping options, the so-called border shops near Puttgarden.

Scandlines border shop

Border Shop is the biggest selling point and has four floors full of candy, electronics and of course a wide range of beverages. Border Shop is operated by Scandlines, and prices are generally good. The advantage of Scandlines Border Shop is that they also offer wine tasting before purchasing of certain wines.

Border shop has no less than 300 kinds of whiskey which are pretty hard to beat. You can also pre-order through the website in advance and have it delivered directly from the warehouse. For the comfortable who just want to get off the ferry, shop and go back are there really no other options.

Calles Grenz shop

Calle Grenz shop is another well-known store. The range is almost as large as the Border Shop. Calles is a few kilometers away from Puttgarden but it may be worth the journey when prices can vary between Calles and Boardershop. Depending on what to buy, it pays to check out both.

We experience that Calles is usually cheapest on the wine. They have generous opening hours; Monday to Thursday 05: 00-21: 00 and Friday and Saturday 03: 00-21: 00. I Sundays are always shops closed in Germany, try to avoid these days.


Sky is a supermarket in Burg, also a few kilometers from the ferry. Recommended mainly if you are in search of the cheapest vodka or Jägermeister, which can be found for around 5-10 Euros.


In addition to Sky, there’s a bunch of other supermarkets such as Aldi. They usually have good prices on selected items, making them cheaper than in the border shop. In supermarkets, you will not escape the deposit fee.


Nielsensdiscount24 / Scanbolaget is located at Landkirchener Weg 1. In their marketing, they claim to be 40-50% cheaper than the Swedish Systembolaget. During an inspection, it looks to be true. Well worth a visit.


Fleggaard in Burg is a Danish company that really has it all and more, including alcohol, building materials, appliances, and electronics. Appropriate for families with children. The hours is essentially the same as the other border trade shops.

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