There are a lot of stereotypes about Americans and of course, even more, when it comes to American tourists. These are some examples of prejudices that people in Europe could have about traveling Americans. And as always, not everyone from the USA is like this…It’s just for fun.

Highly demanding Americans

Many tour guides complain about Americans that demand everything. Even on a hike in the mountains, they want services as a five-star hotel. And of course, should the guide be able to speak fluent English without any bad pronunciation. It could be connected with their typical tipping-culture, that they think people will work their ass off to get some extra money. More more about it below.

American tourists are rich

It’s an effort to travel overseas and an airplane ticket could be quite expensive. When Europeans meet Americans, it’s in almost every case business travelers or Americans on a round trip in Europe they get in touch with.

Americans are loud

Americans can easily be recognized on popular tourist destination due to their load voices with an American accent and the weird way to dress. If you see somebody with socks and sandals in a shirt with a bad fit, it’s truly a tourist from the USA. They usually have a big camera around the neck and a bundle of US Dollars.

Americans are uneducated

Americans don’t have a clue about European history and geography. Some Americans think that Europe is a country and USA is the center of the world and all other countries try to copy the American way of life.

Americans can’t learn any words in another language than English

Americans always try to communicate in English and if somebody doesn’t understand, they just talk a little bit slower.

Americans are culturally underdeveloped

Americans can’t appreciate real culture. European cities are often hundreds of years old. Even the smallest city in Europe could have a many hundreds of years history which no city in the USA could compete with. History and culture are everywhere in Europe and Americans have hard to understand that buildings, statues, and monuments are real and not constructed afterward.

Americans love to give a big tip

In the USA, tipping is widely spread. In Europe, in the most way you round to the next ten if the service is good and not that 10-15 percent that is common in the USA. Therefore, staff from Europe think that Americans will act in the same way when they are abroad.

Americans think that they deserve to be treated better than others

If you ask the Americans, they think they have saved the world several times. They love to talk about their efforts during the first and the second world war. But many other countries made an even bigger effort to restore the peace.

Americans are lazy

Americans depend on their cars and the whole society is built around the use of own private cars. In Europe, we walk through our medieval crowded city centers and for longer distances, we take the subway. It’s not possible to stay in a car during the entire Europe vacation.

What do you think? Have you experienced this?

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