Sundsvall is a vibrant city on the northern coast of Sweden, which hides a less vibrant place – An old sulfite factory.

Sundsvall-sulfite-factory-2Burnt out vehicles, ruins, and rubble. When walking here among the ruins, it is difficult to imagine how this place once was full of life. At most 250 employees worked here.Sundsvall-sulfite-factory-3

This is Nyhamns sulfite factory

In the beautiful bay river “Ljungan” a sulfite factory was founded in 1907. Sulphite previously was used extensively for the production of wood pulp. Large amounts of timber stored in the bay waiting to be dried and then boiled to wood pulp and other byproducts.Sundsvall-sulfite-factory-4
In 1929, the Swedish Cellulosa AB (now SCA) got ownership and created in 1934 Nyhamns sulfite factory. This year was the top with 250 employees.Sundsvall-sulfite-factory-5

In 1948, as the demand for sulfite decreased the production at Nyhamn changed to chemical products. At this stage, the foundation of the ticking environmental bomb around the factory was released. In 1984 SCA’s operations completely discontinued, and in the old industrial ground had different businesses companies sporadically.Sundsvall-sulfite-factory-6

Now everything is deserted and abandoned and waiting for decontamination. In the ground, there are large amounts of arsenic stored.Sundsvall-sulfite-factory-7

Inside the area, you can see a variety of buildings in Heirloom brick style which unfortunately are in varying condition. Some are in ruins, while others have been burned. We also find an office that looks abandoned since the 80’s.Sundsvall-sulfite-factory-8

If you go further south towards the sea, you see the previously staff parking lot. There are currently several burnt-out vehicles, and by the small harbor, a shipwreck called “Uranus” is visible. Or at least the boat’s masts sticking up above the water.


Once upon a time…

For those who want to find more information, it is worth mentioning that the factory also had the name Essvik sulfite factory.