How do you do if a moose attacks? How do you avoid getting in that position? This is how to avoid an unpleasant encounter with moose.

Moose are frequent in parts of Europe and most encounters with moose take place without any violence. However, you should not relax completely, as the moose can be spontaneous. If they attack you, do this.

  1. Moose can be unpredictable. Always stay away, it’s not worth trying to get a close-up.
  2. The moose which most likely to attack are young males and moose with kids.
  3. A moose that will attack shows signs you can see. The moose fur gets up and they smack the lips.
  4. When it attacks, back slowly. Try to find a natural protection such as a stone or tree.
  5. If you run fast, run when you have the chance. A moose can reach high speeds but gives up when the distance to you is too far.
  6. If you fall, try to shape the body into a ball and protect your head.
  7. Unlike the bear, the elk will soon get tired of you.
  8. When the moose finished the attack, make sure it is far enough away and then search for an escape route.

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