How to ward off an overcoming or ongoing attack from wolves.

Wolf attacks on humans are rare but do occur. Especially in areas where the wolf population is increasing. This is how you should do.

  1. To avoid the interest from wolves, keep track of garbage storage and leftovers.
  2. Do not let dogs run without a couple where there may be wolves. Toddlers should also be kept under supervision.
  3. When you encounter a wolf, avoid eye contact. Otherwise, it may think that you are challenging it.
  4. If the wolf attacks: Sweep your arms, scream and act the way you meet an aggressive dog.
  5. If the wolf only growls at you, try to take it easy. Usually, wolves don’t growl before they attack, but if so, you can buy yourself some time. Find an escape route.
  6. If the wolf growls and approaches, repeat point 4.

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