“There must be a Stiegl”. This is the slogan for the most popular beers in Austria. Stiegl is brewed in Salzburg. Here is a brief introduction to the beer brand.

Stiegl means “little star”, and since 1492 the brewery has been found in Mozart’s hometown Salzburg.

It is within Helles and Weissbier Stiegl dominates, but they also make some obscure drinks such as Radler with grapefruit flavor.

Stiegl is Austria’s only nationwide brewery that is not owned by the big beer vendor Brau AG.

Stiegl started as a family business and is still in the same spirit. Stiegl grows by themselves malt for beer in their own greenhouse, everything to keep the quality as promised.

At the Stiegl Museum in Salzburg are all beers represented a drinker may wish. One can try 20 freshly brewed beers and eat different foods that somehow contains beer from the brand.

The most common beer is Stiegl Goldbräu and it has a volume of 4.9. Stiegl likely becomes more common even outside Austria, where in the last 20 years has doubled its sales. This means that they now want to invest in export markets.

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