Budapest is famous for its thermal health baths. To try them is a must. These are the two largest thermal baths in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

A visit to the Hungarian capital is not complete without a swim in the 38 degrees warm water. The largest and most popular baths in Budapest are Gellert and Szecheny.bath-budapest-2

Gellért – In the heart of Budapest

The bath Gellert is located in the heart of Budapest at the Gellért Hill where the beautiful Danube flows. Here are thirteen hot springs in addition to the things a modern spa facility offer. During the year the temperature is 27-48 degrees.

The interior of the Gellért striking. The house is built in the Art Nouveau style in 1918 with a clear inspiration from Roman architecture.

Széchény – The largest spa complex in Europe


Exterior of Széchény.

In Budapest’s City Park is Szecheny located which is the bath in Budapest that target families with children, without sacrificing traditions.bath-budapest-Szecheny-2

Szecheny was founded in 1913 and is today the largest spa complex in Europe. Admission for one person costs about 12 Euro. Activities for children of all ages happen all the time. Cold water pool is available.

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