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Be Aware Of Wrong Parking In Germany Or The Car Will Be Towed

Choose your parking well in Germany. Otherwise, your car can be towed. I think this post illustrates the subject of car towing in Germany quite well…
car-towing-in-germany-2Depending on where the vehicle is parked, it may take some time before a car is towed away. In the German cities, a car also can be fined and clamped.car-towing-in-germany-3

If your car is towed, you need to go to the local police station for instructions how to recover it – and of course, pay the fines. Towed cars in Germany are often placed in a big parking on the outskirts of the city.car-towing-in-germany-4

This caption was made in Goethestrasse in Frankfurt which is the most exclusive shopping street in Frankfurt. Therefore, I’m not amazed at the car brand 🙂

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