Beer is not what Romania is most famous for exporting, but there are still some great and good beers. Here are the most common.

Romania’s largest brewery is Ursus and has approximately 1,700 employees. Ursus produces the most popular beer varieties in Romania. Beer from Romania is cheap and can be bought well chilled in almost every street corner.


Ursus Premium on a bottle.

Ursus brewery has brewed beer for over a century in the city of Cluj-Napoca, but production has now moved to several smaller cities after a South African company bought the brand.

If you order a draft beer in Romania, it is likely an Ursus in the glass. If you order a beer bottled you will likely get an Ursus Premium. Both varieties are bright and have around 5% alcohol. More than 1 € doesn’t an Ursus cost in a restaurant. For a cold one in a grocery store, expect 0,5 €.

REGELE BERII IN ROMÂNIA” is Ursus’s slogan and means “King of Beer in Romania”.Ursus-stejar-beer-romania-3

Ursus is also behind another beer. The name is Stejar and is a bit heavier and darker. The alcohol content is 7% but does not dominate the taste. This is highly recommended before Ursus.

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