There is no country that beats Belgium when it comes to the celebration of French fries. French fries have an almost sacred place in the Belgian cuisine, and it’s considered perfectly normal to eat french fries even at gourmet restaurants.

The Belgians are proud of their fries and claims to have discovered the deep-fried potato sticks in 1680. Until then, they had fried fish, but this year was the fish in short supply. Instead, they tried to slice the potatoes to the thickness of a flat fish and then deep fry – French fries were now invented.

Fries with mussels

In the picture above, we see French fries with mussels (moules frites). It’s available at every restaurant worth mentioning. It’s a pretty dry meal, but fortunately, you can swallow the food with some of the 400 various beers available in Belgium.

In the street corners, it’s common with so-called “friterias”. There are mobile carts selling french fries in a paper cone, topped with mayonnaise.

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