Berliner Kindl is, of course, popular in Berlin. Just like all other German cities, Berlin has at least one brand that most people know. There we find a brewery with a long history.

Berliner Kindl is part of a spectacular history of Berlin. Around 15 beers the brewery producing, and as a thirsty tourist, you’ve probably got one of these in your hand.

Berliner Kindl was founded in 1872 and is considered as one of Berlin’s classic brands. Until 1988 the Berliner Kindl also was the name of the brewery in Berlin, but now the company is owned by food giant Dr. Oetker. They have granted to continue to market the entire Berliner Kindl’s range.

The picture shows the “anniversary beer” brand Berliner Kindl – A light beer without any lasting aftertaste. Very easy to drink and does not resemble at all like the bitterness that many other German beers have. Some say that it is ideal for a rich meal when satiety is not reinforced so as with other beers.

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