Salzburg offers a variety of views, but the best views of Salzburg you get from Kapuzinerberg. In addition, the mountain offers good opportunities for a scenic hike.


On the road to the monastery.

Salzburg can be quite stressful, especially in summer. Then it’s perfect to escape up to 640 meters above sea level where Salzburg’s green lungs are.


Bust of Mozart in one of many places.

Here are not only beautiful forest roads but also a Mozart bust, a monastery and a small fortress which today offers refreshments.


View of parts of the Old Town.

Kapuzinerberg has always been important in history. As early as 1100 years BC, the mountain was inhabited.


Old fortification.

Adolf Hitler had big plans for a gigantic arena with a festival house, but the project could not be started and Kapuzinerberg remained relatively untouched.


Room for refreshments in this old castle on the top.

Upon the hill are several lookout points that cover both old- and new town, with the Alps as a background. Expect a half-hour walk to get to the top, but then you also get the best views of Salzburg.


In the background: Kapuzinerberg.