I went on boat cruising in Copenhagen that costed me 15 Euros. I was conscious of if it was better to walk or not. I don’t know…in this weather a boat sighting is always nice. Review by yourself from the pictures 😉

copenhagen-by-boat-2I think as all the coastal capital cities, also Copenhagen must be reviewed from the ocean. I had one afternoon available and decided to you jump on a boat. In the district “Nyhavn” they are everywhere, screaming that you, just you, should join their tour. The prices are around 15-20 euros and a standard cruise lasts around 1 hour.


The Fortress “Trekroner” (Three Crowns). Located on an isolated island right outside the harbor.

Nyhavn is the place to be in Copenhagen if you are a tourist. Here are all the crowds and you have also the possibility to buy a beer for 100 DKK. Swedish prisoners dug the canals and were in its early age a famous place for beer, brawls, raw sailors, and prostitutes. The famous Danish author Hans Christian (HC) Andersen lived here for 18 years. Maybe he got some inspiration to his works… Right to the pier at No. 67, you can see a memorial plaque.copenhagen-by-boat-9

Now it’s a part of central Copenhagen connected with the square of “Kongens Nytorv”. You can easily get here by any metro line or by the four busses trafficking the spot (Route 901, 902, 903, and 904). And don’t forget that Copenhagen isn’t too big and a great city to see from a bike.


The Opera House from 2005.

In 1980 the authorities made a serious effort to make Nyhavn more attractive. Most houses are dated to the 17th or early 18th century which of course makes Nyhavn to one of the most interesting places for tourists. Both with a boat cruise or not.