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Březňák – Beer From the Czech Republic

Who is that staring old man on the label of Březňák beer?

Březňák is a Czech beer produced in North Bohemia since 1753. Long was this a beer of local existence and was drunken in most of Eastern Europe. Around the year 2008-2009 Březňák began to emerge in Sweden and has been since 2009 a permanent place in the store catalog. Březňák is estimated as a light beer but which nevertheless has a rich flavor and 5.1 percent by volume.

The old man staring with a quart of beer in one hand and a cigar in his other is Victor Cibich (1856-1915). He has become Březňáks figurehead since 1906. Victor Cibich should have been a local Czech food and beer lover as against a payment of 30 pints per week for life would adorn Březňáks labels.

Březňák has a filling taste and the strongest element is crisp. In 2009, Heineken bought the brewery, but the beer is still produced in the same place in unity with tradition.

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