Bucharest was formerly called “East Paris” and today we see the tracks. A walk through Bucharest is an orgy in decay and abandoned houses. See a city where vulgar architecture and modern historical decay are natural features of the cityscape.

bucharest-decay-abandoned-2Bucharest is a contrasting city. The majority of residents have an average income of about 500 Euros a month. The wounds after the dictator Ceausescu will take a long time to heal.bucharest-decay-abandoned-3

While 25,000 construction workers and 900 architects worked with the presidential palace, the city’s other buildings were left to fate – if they were not already torn to widen the streets of avenues.bucharest-decay-abandoned-4

By the 1989 revolution, hundreds of thousands of state employees suddenly stopped working. Office, ministry, and authority were immediately abandoned. Who wants to work without pay?bucharest-decay-abandoned-5

Dictator Ceausescu left not only houses in urgent need of maintenance. Thousands of children’s children’s children lost their homes and fled to Bucharest. They sheltered in tunnels under the streets that were built when Bucharest got district heating.bucharest-decay-abandoned-6

Many disputes regarding property owners of buildings are still ongoing. Who really owns a property seized by the state? Is it state or still living relatives?bucharest-decay-abandoned-7

In many of the abandoned houses, some of Bucharest’s all street dogs live.bucharest-decay-abandoned-8

The future of real estate workers and craftsmen in Romania would look incredibly bright.