The abandoned junkyard Kyrkö Mosse has become a tourist attraction. Here have scrapped car wrecks and nature together done an amazing work of art. Travel Blog Europe visits the site an early Saturday morning to catch the right feeling.

car-graveyard-sweden-2There are now some 140 car wrecks to see in the old forest junkyard, and even tractors and buses. Kyrkö Mosse is located in Tingsryd, Sweden, along with the road 119 towards Hä

The history of Kyrkö Mosse starts when Åke Danielsson buy the land to engage in peat cutting in the 1930s. Åke Danielsson had until then worked as a laborer, but now wanted to support himself

In addition to the land, Åke also bought a broad-bladed shovel, which would be his work tool. The peat he broke would be used as fertilizer. Åke misjudged the market and work with the shovel was too hard. Of discarded car engines he built an own demolition machine to thus increase production. Åke’s hope was the peat, and he even built a house on the site which was 12 square meters. The house was obviously isolated with his own peak!car-graveyard-sweden-5

It was the 1950s and cars become a more natural part of people’s everyday lives. But no handling of car wrecks was established and these cars were simply left in the forests. Åke saw his

Åke began to abandon peat mining in favor of automobile parts. Åke took care of the abandoned cars, picked them for spare parts, and sold whats worked. This was something that benefited both him and the

Åke’s scrapyard became famous and over time he became an expert in several models. On the whole bog, wrecked cars were

Åke, who was born in 1909 getting old. In 1974 he bought his last car wreck. Until retirement, he only worked with the sale of spare

Åke’s business was closed down in the late 1980s, and in 1991 he leaves his 12-square-meter dwelling house to move into a retirement

This leaves an immense number of car wrecks. Although Åke emptied the cars from oil and batteries, they still pose an environmental

In the late 1990s, Tingsryd county decides that all car wrecks going to be carted away. The public is committed to this, place and after several tours accept the municipality to let the area be untouched. The scrapyard also owns a building permit, which lasts until the 2040s. Greetings to you!

Åke died on 27 November 2000.

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