Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm is one of the few places in Sweden where gamblers can gather. The Swedish state casinos have about one million guests per year and the largest is Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm. This is how my visit was.

casino-cosmopol-stockholm-2Casino Cosmopol is centrally located at Kungsgatan 65. The casino signs breathe retro and a large and wide entrance welcomes guests.


The entrance requires a certain commitment from you as a guest. Initially, proper outfit is recommended even though some of the worst gambling addicts in the basement seem to slip by this requirement. casino-cosmopol-stockholm-4

All guests are registered and photographed. While the staff viewing your ID, you look up in a camera located behind the front desk and then you are registered. The age limit is 20 years. At the same time, you can choose whether you want to resolve a single or annual membership. A single visit costs 60 SEK and a membership of 150 SEK. One year membership gives unlimited free visits to all four state casinos in Sweden (Stockholm, Sundsvall, Gothenburg, and Malmö).

Registration and payment go smoothly and then you enter the big game hall.

Inside the casino

The first thing to do is to get some kind of payment. Directly to the left after the entrance, there are cashiers to switch money to chips for poker or “tickets” for slot machines. A cash register is also available on the basement floor.

How much should you exchange as a beginner? It is obviously dependent on the economy, but 1000 SEK should be enough for entertainment during a shorter evening. If you exchange money to tickets you can ask the cashier to divide them in eg. 200 SEK / pc.

If you want something to drink, the big bar is straight ahead, so just pass all poker tables. The cheapest beer in the bar is “Norrland’s Guld”, and a piece of 0.4 liters costs 65 SEK.


Could be yours for 6,5 euros.

The restaurant, which is said to be good, is located on the first floor. It now also offers lunch.

Game Selection

In the main hall, there are most table games such as Black Jack, Roulette. Texas Hold’em and so on represented. Poker rooms are on floors three and four. Because I think gaming machines are funniest, these are the ones we focus on

Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm has 403 slot machines in place. Most are located in the basement which is entirely dedicated to slot machines. In the basement, there are as sad slot machines as people. But also really expensive machines that provide a very pleasant experience.

The highlight is the Sphinx 3D slot, which is completely in progressive 3D without the need for any 3D

Even the Game Of Thrones slot is really packed with nice chairs and good sound in the speakers. There are slot machines like these that make it worthwhile to sometimes go to land-based casinos instead of hanging out at an online casino.

It is also more social to be able to exchange ideas and rounds with other gamblers. There is also a holder on the slot machines to place the beer glass

Most major slot machines are available, with the exception of Swedish NetEnt, which is online only. Even Book Of Ra Deluxe is offered.

Service at the casino

All the staff I spoke to were very pleasant and also ended up asking how I did with the profits during the evening before I left. Never experienced any congestion. Neither at the bar nor around the games. The atmosphere was relaxed and the guests as well.

The toilets, however, were very dirty, but it may have been a coincidence.

Land-based vs. online casino

Why should you at all move from the computer to a physical casino? The biggest reason I think is probably the social aspect. Unfortunately, online casinos are more attractive, as they offer higher winning chances and more slot

The gaming machines repayment rate is called RTP (return to player) and is on most online casinos somewhere between 95-97%. A land-based casino has worse RTP since the fixed expenses in terms of space, operations and staff are obviously higher. The Swedish state casinos also have no bonuses or other benefits.

Opening hours Casino Cosmopol Stockholm

In Stockholm, the casino is open every day at 11.30-05.00.

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