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  • pripyat-abandoned-elementary-school-1

    The Abandoned Pripyat Elementary School No. 3

    Pripyat middle school number 3 was one of five elementary schools in the city of Pripyat. This school has maybe the world’s most photographed collection of gas masks. See what I found inside the school from the Cold war high season. More

  • bucharest-decay-abandoned-1

    Bucharest – Abandoned Houses And Decay Can Be Beautiful

    Bucharest was formerly called “East Paris” and today we see the tracks. A walk through Bucharest is an orgy in decay and abandoned houses. See a city where vulgar architecture and modern historical decay are natural features of the cityscape. More

  • pripyat-police-station-1

    Inside Pripyat Police Station And The Backyard

    The Pripyat Police station is located on the street Vulytsya Lesi Ukrayinky and was only 1,5 years old when the catastrophe occurred. It was a modern facility which still was in service many years after the disaster. Enjoy a tour of the Pripyat Police station and the truck graveyard och the backside. More

  • abandoned-satra-mine-1

    The Sätra Mine – Only One Of Sweden’s Abandoned Mines

    The Sätra Mine is located just outside Finspång, a site where mining has long been the most important industry. In the place we are visiting, about 100 people worked by 1917-1918. There is hardly anything left of a previously so lively place. More

  • bontida-banffy-castle-1

    Bontida Bánffy Castle – Transylvanian Versailles

    Bontida Bánffy Castle is located in the Transylvanian countryside and is one of the most spectacular castle ensembles in the area. Let’s take a closer look at this partly abandoned castle that represents many construction styles. More

  • abandoned-church-Wroblin-Glogowski-poland-1

    The Abandoned Church St. Helen In Wróblin Głogowski

    The village Wróblin Głogowski is gone, but the church is left. The church is abandoned for many years, but still in a beautiful atmosphere. Let’s visit the church Sw. Heleny in Głogów region, Poland. More

  • hotel-fjord-kotor-1


    The Abandoned Hotel Fjord In Kotor

    In the picturesque town of Kotor, has since over 10 years an abandoned hotel been seen by the hordes of tourists. Why is it an abandoned hotel in Kotor and how does it look today? More

  • abandoned-military-mountain-facility-1

    Huge Abandoned Military Storage Deep Inside The Mountain

    During the Cold War, Sweden had a large number of military warehouses deployed deep in the forests. In the event of war, the defense could easily continue even if the cities were severely bombed. However, a warehouse of this size is unusual. More

  • chernobyl-abandoned-hospital-pripyat-1

    Dangerous Abandoned Hospital In Pripyat Chernobyl

    An abandoned hospital in the city of Pripyat, 10 kilometers north of Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Most places in Pripyat now have relatively harmless levels of radiation with one exception – The Hospital in Pripyat. More

  • kindergarten-chernobyl-1

    The (In) Famous Chernobyl Kindergarten

    The village of Kopachi was a thriving place 30 years ago. The only trace left of this time is the kindergarten – Which was quickly abandoned when the radioactive clouds came on April 26, 1986. Let’s make our own visit to one of the Chernobyl area’s most photographed spot. More

  • chernobyl-abandoned-research-laboratory-1

    Chernobyl: Abandoned Research Laboratory

    Today we are looking into an abandoned research laboratory which also had a fish farm. Here they would find out how fishes and animals are affected by radioactive radiation. This location is only a few kilometers from the site of the Chernobyl meltdown. Therefore, the environment should be optimal for this kind of research. More

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