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  • drink-and-drive

    Drunk Driving And Breathalyzer In The US

    There are many terms for drunk driving. Some states refer to it as Driving Under the Influence (DUI), some use the name Driving While Impaired/Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), and other states use Operating While Intoxicated (OWI). Sponsored by Hogan Injury More

  • speeding-germany

    How To Handle Speeding Fines From Germany

    Nowadays, it is more difficult to avoid speeding fines within the EU. Those who get caught in a speed camera in Germany may get a letter home within a few weeks. This is how to handle them. More

  • emw-east-german-bmw

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    EMW – East Germany’s BMW Copy

    Have you heard of EMW? Did not think so. EMW was East Germany’s answer to BMW and was identical in several ways. The reason was a World War and a Europe divided into the East and West. More

  • Autobahn-2

    Important When Driving In Europe: “Rettungsgasse”

    Driving a car in Europe can sometimes be a challenge. More traffic and higher pace. In Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary there is a word you need to keep an eye on. Otherwise, it can be expensive. More

  • bmw-welt-1

    BMW Welt In Munich

    If you’re in Munich and at least know what a BMW is, the BMW Welt is a given stop. Here are all together at one place; Exhibition Hall, museum and the gigantic factory area with over 11,000 employees. Have a look! More

  • driving-in-italy-1-1130x580

    Driving In Italy – All You Need To Know

    Driving in Italy has an undeserved reputation. It usually does not have any major problems, if you know some basic information. Consider some more hectic traffic and impulsive traffic behavior, but on the whole, that’s nothing you should refrain from doing. More

  • bucharest-driving-1

    Driving In Bucharest – Romania

    I’ve been driving through most major European cities. Paris, Rome, and others are often used as examples of horror. In my opinion, there are few cities that could beat the Bucharest traffic. Here are my observations and pictures. More

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