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  • Prague-skyline

    The Largest Market In Prague

    In Prague, you can shop cheaply in both stores and on particular markets. Prague’s main market is just north of the city center and has everything you can imagine. Holesovicka Trznice is the largest market in central Prague. More

  • skoda-1

    How Skoda Made A Success

    If you belong to the younger crowd of readers, you may not even know about this. Buying a Skoda was nothing that most Westerners could imagine. Today, it’s hardly anyone who raises his eyebrows if they say that Skoda is a good and reliable brand. This is why. More

  • Parking-in-Prague-1

    Park Your Car Safely In Prague

    Driving the car to Prague is now very easy. It is motorway all the way from many directions, and the previous waiting time at border controls are a thing of the past. But arrive in Prague, it may be more difficult. You also need to park your car safely in Prague. More

  • petrovice-bahratal-1

    When There Was A Border Between Germany And Czech Republic

    We have previously visited the border crossing at Narva-Ivangorod. It’s still heavily guarded. Now we make a visit at a border crossing between Germany and the Czech Republic to see how it looked before the Czech Republic became part of the Schengen area. More