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  • skirmish-at-bender-1

    The Skirmish At Bender – What Happened, And How Is It Today?

    The skirmish at Bender is a famous battle, where the Swedish King Charles XII and 40 of his men came into a conflict with the 600 Turkish soldiers in current Moldova (Transnistria). The year was 1713. Here is what the place and the stronghold look like today. More

  • inside-gypsy-palace-turda-1

    Inside The Gypsy Palace In Turda

    The gypsy palace in Turda in Romania is home to many rumors. This luxury place has been abandoned for some years, but not anymore. I was invited inside by the Roma family. This is my experience from the gypsy palace in Turda. More

  • abandoned-missle-facility-poland-1

    Exploring An Abandoned Soviet Missile Facility

    Once a missile facility that protected the Soviet Union against all possible military threats. Walk into this area without permission before the year 1995, may have resulted in many years in prison. Today the place is abandoned. Now we enter the traces of rocket pads and rooms for radar surveillance! More

  • Kehlsteinhaus-eagles-nest-adolf-hitler-germany-1

    The Eagle’s Nest Kehlsteinhaus: Hitler’s 50th Birthday Gift

    The Eagle’s Nest is located 1834 meters above sea level. This was the NSDAP’s 50th birthday gift for Adolf Hitler. See a fascinating construction and stunning countryside which today attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists. More

  • himmlers-bunker-1

    The Search Of Himmler’s Bunker In East Prussia

    In former East Prussia, the traces of World War II are always presented in the forests. Mosquitoes, ticks, and flies nowadays guarding the place where Himmler’s bunker was, but that’s no deal breaker when it comes to finding some remains. More

  • blue-mountains-Orphanage-hill-tannenberg-line-estonia-1

    1944: Battle Of Tannenberg Line And The Slaughter At Orphanage Hill

    In July and August 1944, at the verdant hills of northeastern Estonia, the calmness was broken in what would become a bloodbath. German and Estonian soldiers were determined to push the Soviet forces back in the famous Battle of the Blue Mountains (Sinimäed Hills) in Estonia. More

  • prora-1

    Prora: The Ghost Of Rügen

    Prora, the giant concrete colossus standing at the beach on the island of Ruegen living on borrowed time. This huge building should house 20,000 workers and after the holiday they could return to the factories with new energy. This is the history of Prora. More

  • travel-in-a-car-with-children-1

    Travel In a Car With Children – My Story

    Many have fear for travel in a car with children. It can be intimidating with nagging, constant pee breaks and missed ferries. But to go by car with children is easy if you do like this. Here are the tips and this is how I did to manage a vacation as the only adult through […] More

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