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  • colditz-castle-1

    Escapes From Colditz Castle – Like In The Movies

    Colditz, a former mental hospital and Renaissance castle in German Saxony, was during the Second World War a scene was several spectacular escape attempts were made. The castle was a prison camp. More

  • munich-marienplatz-1

    Marienplatz – Munich’s Beautiful Center

    If you ever visit Munich, you will be guaranteed to pass Marienplatz which is the city’s beautiful center. Here it is always a lot of movement and the square is framed by beautiful buildings. Don’t miss this! More

  • speeding-germany

    How To Handle Speeding Fines From Germany

    Nowadays, it is more difficult to avoid speeding fines within the EU. Those who get caught in a speed camera in Germany may get a letter home within a few weeks. This is how to handle them. More

  • Meissen-1001

    Meissen – More Than Just Crockery

    Meissen is an over 1000-year-old city in eastern Germany. Beautifully situated by the river Elbe there are both historical buildings – and of course porcelain. More

  • emw-east-german-bmw

    EMW – East Germany’s BMW Copy

    Have you heard of EMW? Did not think so. EMW was East Germany’s answer to BMW and was identical in several ways. The reason was a World War and a Europe divided into the East and West. More

  • berlin-soviet-victory-monument-1

    The Soviet Victory Monument In Berlin And Its Secrets

    The Soviet victory monument in Berlin is hard to miss. But how many know about its background and secrets? Think about this when you visit Soviet’s biggest victory monument in what would become the world’s capital city. More

  • Autobahn-2

    Important When Driving In Europe: “Rettungsgasse”

    Driving a car in Europe can sometimes be a challenge. More traffic and higher pace. In Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary there is a word you need to keep an eye on. Otherwise, it can be expensive. More

  • frankfurt-romer-1

    Tourist Attractions In Frankfurt Am Main

    Frankfurt may not be known as a tourist city, but the city for stressed business people. Frankfurt was heavily destroyed during the bombings of WWII, much of the old settlement was lost. Now a lot is rebuilt and well worth a visit to feel the new cozy atmosphere. More

  • ravensbruck-concentration-camp-1

    Women’s Concentration Camp Ravensbrück

    In the Second World War’s concentration camps, men and women were often separated. Ravensbrück was no exception. Through the camp gates, 132,000 women passed through. More

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