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  • moose

    Attacked By Moose – How To Survive?

    How do you do if a moose attacks? How do you avoid getting in that position? This is how to avoid an unpleasant encounter with moose. More

  • urban-survival-1

    Urban Survival – Survival In Urban Environment

    A larger proportion than ever of the world’s population today lives in cities and urban areas. Survival in the urban environment is becoming increasingly important to master when crises occur. Here are some tips about urban survival. More

  • scammers-in-europe

    Scammers In Europe – What They Ask For

    There are plenty of scammers in Europe and they run different scams, but they often have one thing in common: The questions they ask are to get knowledge of you and your weaknesses. More

  • to-disappear-1

    To Disappear In The Crowd And Become Mr. Nobody

    Few readers will have benefits from this. To disappear as a person is the exact opposite of today’s self-evolving social concept. Forget about selfies and check-in on Facebook. Now we are going to deal with a situation that nobody wants to end up in –  When you have to stay hidden. More

  • London-crime-1

    Is London Dangerous For A Tourist?

    Is London dangerous or is it an exaggeration? London has become one of Europe’s most violent cities. The question is whether you as a tourist need to worry or whether you are in peace and quiet visiting Big Ben and Tower of London? More

  • stitch-yourself-1

    Stitch Yourself – Suturing a Wound

    Can you imagine stitching and suturing yourself if it saves a life? There may be situations when it is far to the nearest hospital. Injuries you can get anywhere and rarely is a doctor or nurse with. This is how to handle a wound injury far from the nearest help. More

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