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  • united-methodist-church-sweden-1

    The United Methodist Church of Sweden

    The United Methodist Church of Sweden is gone. It was a long time since it was a community of faith with many members. Left are empty worship houses, as a reminder of the church’s glory days. More

  • t34-siivertsi-narva-estonia

    The T-34 Battle Monument At Siivertsi

    T-34 tank monuments aren’t rare in the former Eastern Bloc, and of course, Estonia got its share. This is the short story behind one of them, the T-34 monument at Siivertsi, in eastern Estonia. More

  • skirmish-at-bender-1

    The Skirmish At Bender – What Happened, And How Is It Today?

    The skirmish at Bender is a famous battle, where the Swedish King Charles XII and 40 of his men came into a conflict with the 600 Turkish soldiers in current Moldova (Transnistria). The year was 1713. Here is what the place and the stronghold look like today. More

  • soviet-serial-killer-1

    Became Soviet’s Worst Serial Killer After 42 Years Of Impotence

    The Soviet worst serial killer was probably also one of the sickest in the world. For 13 years, he could live his fantasies before justice deprived him of his life. This is the story of Andrei Chikatilo – a monster created by sexual frustration. More

  • bontida-banffy-castle-1

    Bontida Bánffy Castle – Transylvanian Versailles

    Bontida Bánffy Castle is located in the Transylvanian countryside and is one of the most spectacular castle ensembles in the area. Let’s take a closer look at this partly abandoned castle that represents many construction styles. More

  • marviken-nuclear-power-plant-sweden-1

    A Part Of Sweden’s Nuclear Weapon Project

    Outside the Swedish city of Norrköping is the abandoned power plant Marviken, which would be the lead star in Swedish nuclear technology. If everything had gone as planned, this would be an ultramodern nuclear power plant that could contribute to the components of a Swedish atomic bomb. More

  • skull-chapel-czermna-poland-1

    The Skull Chapel Kaplica Czaszek In Czermna

    Imagine a chapel built of skulls. The skull chapel really exists and is located in Poland. It’s a big sight and if you pass the town of Kłodzko, this is a must-see. More

  • colditz-castle-1

    Escapes From Colditz Castle – Like In The Movies

    Colditz, a former mental hospital and Renaissance castle in German Saxony, was during the Second World War a scene was several spectacular escape attempts were made. The castle was a prison camp. More

  • smog-in-london

    When Smog In London Killed 12,000 In A Few Days!

    Smog in London has long been a problem. Smog is caused by air pollution in combination with a climate that creates the right conditions. The smog in London today is mild against what it was in 1952 – when 12,000 people died within a few days. More

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