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    The Femore Fortress – On Guard Towards The East

    Outside the city, Oxelösund in Sweden lies the Femore Fortress which provides a unique insight into the everyday life of the cold war and nowadays its open to visitors. Until 1997, the Fortress had the code name “Battery OD”, and here 70 people could stay for up to a month in the event of war. More

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    The War Cemetery In Saldus With 22,000 Graves

    In the Latvian city of Saldus lies one of the largest German soldiers cemeteries outside of Germany. It’s also the largest war cemetery in the Baltic States. There are almost 25,000 German soldiers, mostly from World War II. More

  • abandoned-missle-facility-poland-1

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    Exploring An Abandoned Soviet Missle Facility

    Once a very secret missile facility that would protect the Soviet against all possible military threats. To enter here, before 1995, had resulted in prison for many years. Today the place is abandoned. Now we enter the traces of rocket pads and rooms for radar surveillance! More

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    If The War Comes: In A Normal Swedish Shelter

    In the late 1930s, the Swedish government decided that focus would be on the protection of civilians in time of war. With Prime Minister Per Albin Hansson as the leader, a civilian agency called the Air Protection Inspectorate was formed. The Air Protection Inspectorate was given the responsibility of planning, managing and meeting the need […] More

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    Latvia Liepāja: The Tsar’s Abandoned Fortress

    The Latvian coastline has been the site of many fierce battles. The Russian Tsar Alexander III founded this military town that was named Karosta. This is the southern fortress, built by Alexander III to protect Liepāja and Karosta from enemies. More

  • Juterbog-army-base-germany-1

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    The Biggest Military Base of USSR – Jüterbog

    After Germany’s defeat in World War II, the Soviet got access to a large quantity of abandoned military buildings and areas. At first, they tried to blow up as much as possible, but the Soviet Union saw the potential of the giant site of Jüterbog. In Jüterbog, near Berlin, they planned to locate the largest military forces […] More

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