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  • flatruet-mountain-road-sweden-1

    The Road Over Flatruet – Sweden’s Highest Road

    The road over the mountain Flatruet is Sweden’s highest road (above the sea level). The Flatruet road was opened by the King in 1938 and is a true nature experience. This is what you can see along the way. More

  • teide-tenerife-1

    Teide In Tenerife Is A Unique Moon Landscape

    The volcano Teide with its stunning surroundings is Spain’s most visited national park. There are over 3 million visitors annually, but there is no congestion – the magnitude of the wonders of this nature is unbelievable. Get a few thousand feet above sea level. More

  • midnight-sun-north-sweden-1

    North Of Sweden – Where The Sun Never Goes Down!

    The midnight sun could during the summer months be seen north of the Arctic Circle. It never gets really dark. In northern Sweden, a summer night seems like a magical source of endless light. Here are some pictures from the fantastic light in the north. More

  • blueberries-health-benefits

    Are Blueberries Miracle Berries From the Nature?

    Around 17% of Sweden’s surface area is covered by bilberry. The late summer is the time to pick blueberries and thus get a free health boost. These are the benefits of blueberries. More

  • konigssee-germany-1

    Königssee – Beautiful And Crystal Clear Lake

    Königssee is a fantastic alpine lake in the German Alps, on the border with Austria. Königssee is largely covering Berchtesgaden National Park. Crystal clear water and stunning views are available here in overflow. More

  • swedish-west-coast-1

    Swedish West Coast In The Autumn

    Tjörn is an island on the Swedish West Coast and has a fantastic nature, but in summer it gets crowded. Instead, go here in the autumn. More

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