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  • bucharest-decay-abandoned-1

    Bucharest – Abandoned Houses And Decay Can Be Beautiful

    Bucharest was formerly called “East Paris” and today we see the tracks. A walk through Bucharest is an orgy in decay and abandoned houses. See a city where vulgar architecture and modern historical decay are natural features of the cityscape. More

  • bontida-banffy-castle-1

    Bontida Bánffy Castle – Transylvanian Versailles

    Bontida Bánffy Castle is located in the Transylvanian countryside and is one of the most spectacular castle ensembles in the area. Let’s take a closer look at this partly abandoned castle that represents many construction styles. More

  • dentist-romania

    Finding A Dentist Or Dental Care In Romania

    Finding cheap and professional dental care in Romania is easy! For people living in Western European countries were visiting the dentist is costly, going to Romania for a couple of days could be a good investment. Read why. More

  • cluj-napoca-guide-1

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    The Guide To Cluj-Napoca

    Cluj-Napoca is the second biggest city in Romania and the most important town in Transylvania. Let’s look at sights, places to eat and things to know. More

  • inside-gypsy-palace-turda-1

    Inside The Gypsy Palace In Turda

    The gypsy palace in Turda in Romania is home to many rumors. This luxury place has been abandoned for some years, but not anymore. I was invited inside by the Roma family. This is my experience from the gypsy palace in Turda. More

  • afi-palace-bucharest-1

    AFI Palace – Bucharest’s Largest Shopping Mall

    Romania’s capital Bucharest is a shoppers paradise with generous opening hours in the major shopping malls. Follow to Bucharest’s largest shopping mall which also has rollercoaster, ice skating rink, and other stuff. More

  • Chimopar-abandoned-chemical-factory-romania-1

    Abandoned Chemical Factory With Deaths And Ruins

    One of Romania’s most important factories was on the outskirts of Bucharest. The confidentiality was high because this factory manufactured gunpowder and other chemicals for the military. Today, only abandoned buildings are left from the former chemical factory. More

  • abandoned-train-cemetery-bucharest-1

    The Abandoned Train Cemetery In Bucharest

    Next to the central railway station is the final end station for carriages. Here get train cars that no longer are good enough their retirement. Only a short distance away from the busy central station in Romania is this abandoned secret. More

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