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  • eastern-europe-freedom

    I Love The Freedom In Eastern Europe

    When the regular people’s freedoms just shrinking and shrinking in Western Europe, head for Eastern Europe where still some of the fundamental liberties and decisions are possible to achieve. Read my observation of the daily life in the East and you may be provoked. More

  • scammers-in-europe

    Scammers In Europe – What They Ask For

    There are plenty of scammers in Europe and they run different scams, but they often have one thing in common: The questions they ask are to get knowledge of you and your weaknesses. More

  • Russia

    Experience Russia Without Going To Russia

    There are plenty of ways to explore the Russian society and culture without visiting Russian soil. Forget about applying for a visa and try these places with an overwhelmingly Russian population or culture. More

  • americans

    American Tourist Stereotypes

    There are a lot of stereotypes about Americans and of course, even more, when it comes to American tourists. These are some examples of prejudices that people in Europe could have about traveling Americans. And as always, not everyone from the USA is like this…It’s just for fun. More

  • stenaline-karlskrona-gdynia-1

    On The Ferry Between Karlskrona and Gdynia

    The most affordable way to go by car to Poland from Sweden or Norway is via Karlskrona to Gdynia. Stenaline operates the route and three departures per day are available. What happens on board and what can you do on the boat? More

  • to-disappear-1

    To Disappear In The Crowd And Become Mr. Nobody

    Few readers will have benefits from this. To disappear as a person is the exact opposite of today’s self-evolving social concept. Forget about selfies and check-in on Facebook. Now we are going to deal with a situation that nobody wants to end up in –  When you have to stay hidden. More

  • moldova-chisinau-Bulevardul-Iuri-Gagarin

    Europe’s Least Visited Countries

    In Europe, there are several forgotten pearls that only receive a fraction of all tourists annually. These are Europe’s least visited countries. More

  • airplane-toilet-1

    This Is How Airplane Toilets Work

    83% of all passengers hurry more on a toilet in the air than on the ground. This is how the narrow space that houses airplane toilets works. More

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