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  • lenin-statue-narva-1

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    What Does Lenin Point To?

    Lenin was one of the most depicted people behind the iron curtain. Most major cities had a bust or statue of the man who started the bloody Russian Revolution. The city of Narva in Estonia is no exception. What does Lenin actually point to? More

  • emw-east-german-bmw

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    EMW – East Germany’s BMW Copy

    Have you heard of EMW? Did not think so. EMW was East Germany’s answer to BMW and was identical in several ways. The reason was a World War and a Europe divided into the East and West. More

  • Ivan-Semenyuk-chernobyl-1

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    Meet Ivan Semenyuk – The Hero Of Chernobyl

    Ivan Semenyuk lives alone in a village that previously had more than 600 inhabitants. After forced relocation in connection with the nuclear accident, he returned here with his wife despite the ban of the authorities. This is how Ivan lives today, 25 km from the irrigated reactor. More

  • karosta-liepaja-latvia-1

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    Traces Of War on Latvian Beaches

    On the beaches of the Baltic Sea are today remnants of what would constitute a defense in a war. A war in which, in the worst cases, nuclear weapons could decide the winner. Welcome to Liepaja in Latvia – And the former closed military city Karosta! More

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    Abandoned Resort For Soviet Communist Officials

    So far to the east of the European Union, you can get, is in many ways an abandoned summer resort. Here had the communist officials the time of their life, but now the beach is empty. This is Narva Jöessu in East Estonia. More

  • transnistria-lenin-monument

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    Transnistria From Inside

    There is a country that hardly anyone knows about. This land is the last remaining Soviet Republic. Here, time stopped in 1990. In this country, it’s official state of war and we have been there. Read the travelogue from Transnistria, a unique place in Europe. More

  • transnistria-tiraspol-1

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    Tiraspol – The World’s Coolest Capital?

    Tiraspol is one of the world’s least-known capital cities. What makes the city unique, however, is that the time has ceased in 1990. In Tiraspol, the Soviet Union still lives and the whole place is like an open-air museum. This is what the capital of Transnistria looks like – 2015. More

  • Juterbog-army-base-germany-1

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    The Biggest Military Base of USSR – Jüterbog

    After Germany’s defeat in World War II, the Soviet got access to a large quantity of abandoned military buildings and areas. At first, they tried to blow up as much as possible, but the Soviet Union saw the potential of the giant site of Jüterbog. In Jüterbog, near Berlin, they planned to locate the largest military forces […] More

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