Everyone who visited Prague has probably walked over Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge is one of Prague’s most famous landmarks. On the bridge, it’s always crowded, and no visit to the city is complete without experiencing the crowds over the Vltava River.



The Charles Bridge has always been important. Initially, it was because the bridge was the only one available. Certainly, it was a bridge in Charles Bridge’s place earlier, but it collapsed in 1342.charles-bridge-prague-3

The bridge was built with huge amounts of eggs

For Prague’s logistics, it became important to quickly build a new opportunity to cross the river. In the year 1357 started work and in 1402 the bridge was opened. For the several years it took to build the bridge, farmers were forced to deliver large amounts of eggs. The emperor, Charles IV, felt that the brick became stronger if mixed it with eggs. Perhaps it’s true, over 600 years later, Charles Bridge remains …charles-bridge-prague-4

The Swedish army at Charles Bridge

Sometimes it was messy on the Charles Bridge. In 1648, Swedish forces attacked Prague as the last battalion during the 30-year war. The Swedish army tried to enter the old town of Prague, but instead, they get stuck on Charles Bridge. When they didn’t get into town, they instead started to rob the castle, which is on the “right” side of Vltava River.charles-bridge-prague-5
Charles Bridge remained Prague’s only transition over Vltava River until 1841.


2007 the bridge celebrated the 650th anniversary. Before that, they started a restoration that was completed in 2010. Some believed that the replaced rocks did not constitute a break in the style. However, for a regular tourist, it is difficult to detect differences.


Get some luck.

A slow walk on Charles Bridge, which is just over 500 meters long, is the best way to experience Prague. You get a beautiful view of both sides of the city, as well as the hill where the cathedral, the presidential palace and the castle are located. Look at the beautiful ornate statues.charles-bridge-prague-7

All times of the day impress the views, but do not miss the sunset!