Today we are looking into an abandoned research laboratory which also had a fish farm. Here they would find out how fishes and animals are affected by radioactive radiation. This location is only a few kilometers from the site of the Chernobyl meltdown. Therefore, the environment should be optimal for this kind of research.

chernobyl-abandoned-research-laboratory-2Prior to the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, 26th of April 1986, this was a fish farming facility. The fish were grown in the artificial lakes that were planted to cool the nuclear power plant.


The pools from that time remain still today.

Chernobyl’s Center for International Studies

After the disaster, a facility called “Chernobyl’s Center for International Studies” managed the plant, but the operation was low.chernobyl-abandoned-research-laboratory-3

In 2000, “Chernobyl Radio-Ecological Center” took over the premises. They studied how fish are affected by radioactive radiation. The fish that were born were also used as food for minks and foxes to investigate possible effects of radioactive food intake. An unconfirmed rumor is that neither the minks or the foxes did it very well …chernobyl-abandoned-research-laboratory-5

In 2008, the research lab was closed and the researchers resigned from the closed zone. As the pictures show, they did not care about cleaning so carefully.