The best way to avoid or cure a hangover is to prevent it, or not drink at all, but it’s not always that easy. Here are some tips to eliminate och relieve hangovers.

Preparation decides everything how your hangover will be. What you do the day before a drinking evening affects more than you think.

Never drink on an empty stomach. A hearty balanced meal with much fat is preferred because the fat binds alcohol. With food in the stomach, the body becomes additionally better at taking care of the alcohol and the harmful effects on the body are reduced.

Water is another important component. Drink plenty of water during the day and also in the evening though it may be difficult. The choice of alcoholic drink plays a role. It is now scientifically proven that red wine gives a worse hangover then dark spirits.

When it is bedtime, drink lots of water and some salt that binds the liquid when the body rid itself of these substances. The main cause of hangovers is namely dehydration or dehydration.

The reason you feel unwell the day after alcohol intake is because the body feels bad. You are dehydrated, alcohol has upset the sleeping cycle, alcohol has irritated the intestines, the liver has to work hard, which in turn can affect blood sugar levels that make you feel tired and irritable.

When the alcohol is burned, the body forms acetic acid. It can give you palpitations, flushing, sweating, and nausea. When the alcohol disappeared from your body your cells have to wean themselves from alcohol. Modern research has shown that this may be the main reason for you to feel bad.

Now if you have not followed the tips and having a hangover, drink first, a lot of water or other fluid replacement such as resorb. Drink juice or something with a lot of fruit sugar.

Take a walk and then go to bed. Sleep is considered by many to be the best cure.

Good luck!

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