An abandoned hospital in the city of Pripyat, 10 kilometers north of Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Most places in Pripyat now have relatively harmless levels of radiation with one exception – The Hospital in Pripyat.


Entrance to the hospital.

Pripyat had a hospital which is normal for a city with around 50,000 inhabitants. The hospital accommodated 410 patients and three clinics. The hospital is located on “Friendship of the People’s Street” and the number is 126.


Gynecological clinic,

The sign says; Gynecological clinic and unfortunately no catchy Soviet slogan.


On the roof of the hospital.

How was the hospital affected this night of distress in April 1986?


The waiting room.

It’s past midnight. The woman at the front desk yawns and look at the clock. She hopes the night will pass quickly. Perhaps she thinks about what her family will do during the weekend. And by the way, it’s soon first of May and Pripyat will be adorned in red to honor the party…

At 1:24 AM local time happens something that will change the world forever. The sleepy nurse at the front desk does not yet know this. Soon, there will be plenty of yelling and movement.


The highly radioactive reception desk.

Meanwhile, some in the city are awake and marveled by the intense flames of fire that rise from the nearby nuclear power plant.chernobyl-abandoned-hospital-pripyat-7

At the nuclear power plant, firemen fight for their lives and everyone else’s lives. The fire must be extinguished. The first firefighters, at 1:28 AM, came from the nearest fire station and didn’t have protective clothing or equipment to handle disasters at a nuclear power plant.


The front desk again.

Soon, several firemen had acute radioactive radiation poisoning. The firemen are constantly vomiting and the five fires on the roof of the reactor cannot be extinguished. Ambulances with firefighters begin to shuttle between Chernobyl and the hospital in Pripyat.chernobyl-abandoned-hospital-pripyat-9

More and more firefighters with heavy radioactive clothing began to arrive at the hospital. Some put their clothes on the desk’s counter. The reception desk is today a place to avoid (I didn’t…).chernobyl-abandoned-hospital-pripyat-10

The firemen’s clothes were later placed in the basement of the hospital. It has made the basement to one of the most unhealthy places in the Chernobyl area.chernobyl-abandoned-hospital-pripyat-11

The whole hospital is considered to be very harmful to health and the authorities have tried to seal the building. But in a huge six-story building, new openings are constantly being found.chernobyl-abandoned-hospital-pripyat-12

The worst place in the hospital is in the basement. They have tried to replenish with sand. And the firemen’s clothes are still there.


Not the basement, but the attic.

The hospital was abandoned the days after the disaster. It was no longer possible to work in an environment where radioactive objects were even inside the house. The patients who did not die were flown to Moscow, who had the only hospital in the Soviet Union to treat radiation injuries.


The hospital’s gynecologist’s chair apparently got feet…